5 Things To Do in Luang Prabang

This is a follow up post to my adventure in trying to get to Luang Prabang, the former royal capital of Laos.

While planning for this trip, I had grand plans. Swim in the three-tiered pools of Kuang Si Fall, watch the sunrise from Mt Phousi, trek through rural handicraft villages and so much more.

Well, if you read my earlier post, you will get the idea that none of that is going to happen.

In the spirit of embracing the unexpected, we decided to wing it. Here are the top five things I’d recommend if you are planning to just hang around, or in my case hobble around, the heritage area of Luang Prabang.

  1. Visit the markets

I love going to the markets of different countries just to get acquainted with the produce of the land.

Who needs grocery bags when there is such a clever way of packing the produce!
Such pretty corn! And the brilliant red of dried chillies!
  1. Temples, Rituals and A Royal Palace

I’m mesmerised by the prints on the pillars of Wat Mai, an early nineteenth century temple.20170623_172602

We also stopped by the former Royal Palace next door and were impressed by the fleet of cars. Photography wasn’t allowed but don’t you think these fuel dispensers are cute?

One of the perks of royalty – having a petrol station in the garden
  1. Do Good and Get Crafty

We dropped by the Luang Prabang Public Library, because we heard they promote reading in many of the surrounding villages. Class was in session and the kids are really cute and super curious (The hubby took pictures, which means I’ll probably get to see them next year). We also came across a hands-on print-making workshop.

Prints inspired by the mountains of Luang Prabang
  1. Savour the Flavours

Luang Prabang is popular among tourists so there is a wide variety of cuisines ranging from local to French to Thai to Korean to Vietnamese and more. These are my top picks:

Savoury rice porridge at the morning market
Le Benatton for their baguettes and crepes. It was really good!
We stopped at Coconut Garden for a snack – stuffed lemongrass stalks. It tasted so good we ordered more things!
Steamed chicken and herb mousse in a banana leaf parcel and fried marinated garlic pork ribs
  1. Take a cookery class

Our hotel offered a cookery class on Laotian cuisine. I learnt to use crushed sticky rice and managed to fold a pretty decent banana leaf parcel. I swear the chef paled quite instantly when I attempted to pound the fish pieces. He also looked horrified when I threw in 3 bird’s eye chilli into the mix. I had to assure him I would be fine. It’s for the hubby anyway :).

All ready for the making of a 3-course Laotian meal

All in, I had a really good time! I hope I can visit again and do all the things I didn’t get to do.  Maybe my wish will come true if I fold a thousand cranes…

Does it count if I’ve folded thousands of cranes for other people? 


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