Thank You!

It’s been an amazing week! It started with receiving my first order for my handmade greeting card on Etsy. I was so excited I couldn’t sleep.

Then the week ended on an even higher note when I was nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award by the exceptional couple behind our silent reverie. M dropped me such a sweet note to let me know why he nominated me. That to me is better than any award. Thank you for making my day!

versatile blogger award, heidihoshi
It’s an honour to be nominated, though in this case, every nominee is a winner

According to the Versatile Blogger Award Rules, I need to do five things to preserve the spirit of this award:

#1 Nominees should know that if you are nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award, you have already won


#2 Display the Versatile Blogger Award logo on my post


#3 Write and publish a blog post thanking and linking back to the person who nominated me


#4 List seven random facts about myself

  1. I adore cats. I had 11 at one point in my life.
  2. My blog and etsy shop, Heidihoshi, is named after my favourite black and white cat, Heidi.
  3. I serial-watch American crime procedurals and sitcoms.
  4. I find some Japanese variety programmes and Korean drama highly entertaining.
  5. I can get lost coming out of the public toilet
  6. I look forward to feeling inspired by the Northern Lights
  7. Every novel I write inspires me to compose at least one song

#5 Nominate up to 15 other blogs that you follow and believe deserve recognition for their hard work.

  1. booandlittleman for making me fall in love with a sweet little witch’s cat.
  2. BusyMetti from Babybliphusbandandme for being a superwoman – 37 weeks pregnant, coping with excessive nausea everyday, working full-time and still managing to cook on a budget and post incredible recipes!
  3. MyStoriesWithMusic for putting stories and music together in a beautiful way. She reminds me a little of my younger self but with a lot more guts!

Thank you for enriching my life!





  1. Aww! Thank you. Consider the award accepted and appreciated. I do not do award posts on my blog, however I will think of 7 facts and send them directly to you.

    Thanks again!


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    • Totally understand, it did feel a bit like a chain letter, which is not my thing. But I like the spirit of showing appreciation to other bloggers :). Would love to know more about you and what inspires your writing. Cheers!

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      • 1. I trained as a teacher. Teaching secondary school English Language and Literature.

        2. I used to sing on the jazz circuit in London.

        3. I love to crochet!

        4. I have a daughter, aged 7 and a son, aged 6.

        5. I’m a Leo and it’s my birthday next week!

        6. I love hiit training and free weights and work out for 4 times a week.

        7. My favourite book is Pride and Prejudice. I can read it over and over.


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