“I Want A Mummy Costume!”

It’s hard to put together a Halloween mummy costume when you are slightly cross-eyed

I think my little boy is already planning his Halloween costume. He’s definitely going trick or treating as The Mummy.

First, he needs some training in looking ferocious. His valiant attempts at hissing have been described as a cross-eyed Hello Kitty trying to snarl.

Can’t blame him though.  Even though he was dumped in the streets when he was two months old, he was rescued pretty quickly.  He never had to deal with being hungry or fighting off other stray cats.  In fact he is loved by everyone involved in his rescue.

So he grew up confident and curious. And it was only a matter of time before this little furball discovers the joy of unraveling the toilet roll. That’s why the toilet roll now has to be wrapped up like this.

“What do ya mean it’s off limits?”

Meanwhile, his antics inspired the hubby to design a Halloween mummy digital card. Purr-fect for Halloween party invites!

Hllween Mumy 4x6inch list2
The Mummy Halloween card available at http://www.heidihoshi.etsy.com


  1. Wow, you are a super talented family!

    I also love crafts and make homemade cards too. My daughter really loves arts and crafts as well and I am currently teaching her origami.

    I will be following for inspiration! So glad to have found you.



    • Thank you, that’s so sweet of you! I love your story, don’t you dare stop writing :)! Can you believe I just folded a black cat with a purple witch’s hat for my Halloween collection?


      • He hasn’t been named yet but Normon it is now :). Ooh, I shall try to see if I can give Normon a white paw and blue eyes. The tabby markings might be a little tricky though. But who knows, there might just be a tabby kitty origami paper pattern out there. He’s a grey tabby? My kitty is a Siamese tabby mix so he has faint grey stripes and blue eyes.


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