Going Bananas Over McDonald’s Minion Cone

I’m not fanatic about ice cream (I know that’s hard to believe considering I’ve only written a few posts and 2 were about ice cream). But I have occasional cravings, and when I do, I cherish every bite.

I have a soft spot for McDonald’s soft serve cone. I blame proximity. There are 2 McDonald’s within walking distance from my home. I even lived above one a few years back. When I put my apartment up for sale, I nicknamed my buyer Dr Soft Serve because he bought a cone from the McDonald’s downstairs and was eating it when he came for a viewing.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 11.58.31 pm
McDonald’s Minion Cone

So recently, McDonald’s had a movie tie-in campaign for Despicable Me where they had a special banana flavoured soft serve with a blue cone (When I was doing an image search, I discovered they had lemon flavour somewhere else – WOW! Where???). I love the yellow and blue combo even though I am not a fan of the Minions.

But I had been busy, so when I finally got round to getting a Minion cone, it was on the last day of the promotion. And they had run out of blue cones. I know, I know, it is just colouring but it was a disappointing day after the build-up (and the long wait).

#McDonald's #heidihoshi #origami
Ah, yellow is the perfect summer colour

So, I made my own Minion cone. Cos I CAN!



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